Thursday, August 23, 2012

Couple buys their 2nd Chevy VOLT!

Mike and Karen Keil just picked up their second Chevy VOLT.  In April of this year, they bought their first VOLT for Mike to drive.  They liked it so much they decided the car would be a good fit for Karen as well.

The fuel economy, features and value were a few of the reasons for their second purchase.  Mike says around town he can easily go 44 miles per charge, which for him means he can drive mostly on electric power.  By charging the battery during "Off Peak" hours and using the VOLT's programmable charging system, Mike's energy costs are less than 2 cents per mile!

They love the silent operation and spirited acceleration.  "The car is surprisingly quick" says Mike.  They also find the car very functional with the hatchback and fold down rear seats.  They can easily fit lots of cargo and are able to haul 4 adults and 4 sets of golf clubs.

The Keil's are a testament to the value, economy and functionality of the Chevy VOLT.  We thank them for letting us share their story.

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