Monday, March 14, 2011

Lucky Chevy VOLT Owner Stops by!

Our Chevrolet store in West Salem had an unexpected visitor today. A Chevrolet VOLT! The proud new owner had just picked up his new car in Detroit and was on his way through our small town on his way home to Seattle. We are so glad he stopped by as this was the first time any of us had seen the car in person.

He also had an interesting story about how he came to purchase the car. The VOLT is almost impossible to purchase at this point in time. Orders for this car are far more than Chevrolet can produce.

While cruising his favorite Chevy VOLT forum on the internet, he heard about a fellow forum member who would not be able to take delivery of his VOLT. After calling the dealer and a few people falling out of line in front of him, the new owner had his car.

Chevy VOLT #1398 was his.

His impressions: "Extremely Solid Car. Has a low center of gravity and really hugs the road. It also gets up to speed quickly. I would say it's a 4 door sports car. While running on electric power, it was completely silent. After an imperceptible switch to Hybrid, the car was still extremely quiet."

Congratulations on your Chevy VOLT sir, thanks for stopping by and may you have a safe trip home!

Click the first link below for a great slideshow of his car.

GM VOLT Fan site with Forum

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